Admission Policy
To access a place at the nursery one parent must be in the Armed Forces or a MOD Civil Servant and employed, based or parented at RNAS Yeovilton. Written evidence of the parent’s place of work i.e. assignment order, PPA posting transfer notice or a letter from the parent’s Line Manager must be forwarded to the Nursery Manager along with the admission application form.

Due to the popularity of the Nursery we do have a lengthy waiting list, which works on a first come first served basis. On reaching the top of the list you will be contacted by the Nursery Manager and offered the first available place; you will have one week to confirm your acceptance.

A deposit will be required to secure the place, which will be returned when your child leaves the nursery as long as one month’s notice and full fees are paid. Should you choose not to accept, due to its unsuitability or a change in your circumstances you will be given the option to remain on the list, however your name will go to the bottom of the list.

Admissions are driven by the Nursery’s adherence to the early year’s Ofsted requirements regarding numbers of children and ages of children in particular groups.
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Children are clearly treated as individuals and they learn about their ways of life and those of others through interesting stories, activities and as they see positive images of diversity within their play.

Ofsted Report March 2011
Sand and water play helps children learn about weight and volume.
Using chalks, crayons, pencils and paint with many different types of paper and card, children can learn to mark make.
By role play and dressing up, children learn about the world a round them. They develop new vocabulary, social acceptance and an awareness of others backgrounds and cultures. They can experiment in an adult world by becoming secretaries, postmen, waiters, police officers or dancers.